Under public procurement rules, Requests for Tenders (RFTs) were issued in respect of the selection of service providers for different requirements necessary for both the establishment and continued operation of the Assembly. Where relevant, tenders were published on the Government’s dedicated procurement website, eTenders.

The following requests for tenders were advertised on the eTenders website:

  1. Provision of a representative sample of 99 members of the public and substitutes
  2. Hotel Conference Requirements
  3. Filming/ Live Broadcasting/ Streaming of the Citizens’ Assembly and associated follow up services
  4. Provision of Irish Language Services for the Citizens’ Assembly’s Meetings
  5. Facilitation and Note-taking Services for the Citizens’ Assembly
  6. Media Liaison Services for the Citizen's Assembly

Awarded Contracts:

RED C Research and Marketing Ltd were appointed on 22 August 2016 to provide a representative sample of 99 members of the public and substitutes for the Citizen's Assembly.

The Grand Hotel, Malahide, was selected as the venue for the meetings of the Assembly.

Richard Jolly TV Ltd/Switch New Media was selected to provide the filming/live broadcasting and streaming of the Assembly’s meetings.

Q4PR was selected to provide media liaison services for the Assembly. 

Roomaxx Ltd was selected to provide facilitation and note-taking services for the Assembly. Translation & Tour Guiding Services was selected to provide translation services for the Assembly.

Assembly Costs

Provided below is a breakdown of costs involved in running the Assembly meetings from the formation of the Assembly in August 2016 to end May, 2017. This table will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Members are reimbursed for expenses incurred in attending the meetings, including travel costs and a contribution towards childcare. Payment is not made for attendance or for any missed days of work either to members or their employers.

The Assembly does not pay a fee to guest speakers for their attendance. Travel expenses are covered.

Salary and office administration costs for the Assembly are met on an ongoing basis and are not included in the costs below to end July 2017. A full breakdown of costs since the establishment of the Assembly are available here.


Costs paid August 2016 to end July 2017

Conference/Catering and accommodation


Reimbursement of Travel  and other Expenses


Irish Translation Services/Provision of Sign Language Services


Broadcasting/Media Services/Photography


Recruitment of Members/ Facilitation and Notetaking Services


Website/ Advertising

Legal/Advisory/Support Services



Technical Services