The submissions the Citizens' Assembly received on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution will be listed below, in chronological order. Submissions are being published on a rolling basis.

Advocacy Groups & Personal Stories

At the Assembly's second meeting on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, held 7-8 January, the members agreed that the publication of submissions received from advocacy groups, political parties and other interest/representative organisations should be prioritised. A list of such groups can be viewed here. To read a particular group's submission, please use the search function below.

The members also requested that personal stories received from individuals should be prioritised. The secretariat has prepared a list of such stories which can be viewed here. These stories can also be searched for using the search function below.

At the fourth meeting of the Assembly the Secretary, Ms Sharon Finegan, gave a detailed demonstration on how to search for submissions. Please consult the demonstration if you experience any difficulties in locating submissions. 

Readers should note that submissions may contain sensitive or emotive material.

DISCLAIMER: Submissions on this website are published for information purposes only and publication is not an endorsement by the Assembly of any views expressed therein. For further information, click here.


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