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The Assembly Secretariat procured a research fellowship in December 2019. This research provides feedback to improve the functioning of the Citizens’ Assembly, and it enables a better understanding of the deliberative quality of the Assembly. The evaluation team awarded the contract to Dr. Jane Suiter from Dublin City University. Dr. Suiter is working in collaboration with Prof. David Farrell of University College Dublin, Prof. Yvonne Galligan of Technological University Dublin and Dr. Simon Niemeyer, University of Canberra on this research.

The Secretariat has also procured an independent research team to analyse the public submissions and provide summary documents and presentations to the members. This research will provide Assembly members neutral and robust analysis of the public submissions in an accessible form. All the submissions will be published on the website subject to limited exceptions and therefore will be available to all members of the Assembly as well as the general public and interested parties. After a procurement process, the evaluation team awarded the contract to Dr. Pauline Cullen of NUI Maynooth.