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Care Ballot Paper

On the afternoon of 13 March the members of the Citizens’ Assembly agreed the ballot paper on care. The topic of care was discussed in detail at the Assembly’s meeting on Care held on 16 January 2021. For more information click here.

The Agenda for this meeting can be viewed here.

Programme for Care ballot paper meeting

Afternoon Session

The transcript of the meeting is available here.

Dr Catherine Day provided a feedback video from breakout discussion groups, a video can be watched here.

Process to Develop Ballot Paper on Care

In order to develop the ballot paper members were sent a draft ballot paper on Care in advance of the meeting on March 13. Members were sent this ballot paper through a survey and were asked to provide feedback on these recommendations. Additionally members had the opportunity to table further recommendations they wished to be included.

From these responses the ballot paper was revised. The changes to the ballot paper at this stage can be found here and the Chair explained these changes here.

Members were sent this revised ballot paper in advance of the March meeting which can be found here. Members were then given the opportunity to discuss the ballot paper on Care on the afternoon of Saturday 13 March and provide feedback to the Assembly. Feedback was communicated through the facilitator on each table.

The changes to the ballot paper during this session can be found here. At the end of the session members were polled if they wanted these changes on the ballot paper and to agree the ballot paper.

The final ballot questions on care are available here.